My birthday lunch at Patis Tito

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This year, I originally had plans to take the biggest trip of my life, fulfilling a lifelong impossible dream in the process. Sadly, that plan didn’t push through. It took time but I’ve made peace with that and decided to go on a “Bratty Birthday” trip instead. My choices were (1) a 3 day pure shopping trip in Bangkok or (2) a whole week in Singapore.

I had to leave Manila. The “Bratty Birthday” celebration meant feeling comfy and I had no plans of scrimping on accommodations. I ended up picking Singapore because the round trip tickets to Bangkok were P10,000 – P12,000 and I got my Singapore tickets for a little over P4,000.

My birthday fell on a Sunday and I decided to spend the actual day with my family. True to the tradition of being out of Manila for my birthday, this year was no different. I’ve headed to Tagaytay thrice for my birthday already so this time I wanted to visit another area. I was considering Pampnaga but eventually selected Patis Tito in San Pedro, Laguna.

Patis Tito is 80 kilometers from Makati City. If you don’t get lost, which we did, the trip should take you 1.5 – 2 hours. Patis Tito used to be Kusina Salud so the place was familiar to me since I had gone there in the past for a TV show. The place is now run by Patis and Tito Tesoro thus the name change.

When I went around the property, the places where customers can roam around in is now smaller. During Kusina Salud’s time we could check out the area after the garden. The al fresco restaurant has a very charming and steady feel. We were lucky that when we visited, it wasn’t that hot or humid. We were ravenous from the long drive so we ordered right away.

Ensaladang Pako P190
Classic pako salad with tomato slices, onion tossed in patis kalamansi dressing topped with shredded salted red egg and cheese.

It’s official; this is my favorite Pako Salad EVER. I loved everything about it! The acidity of the dressing mixed exceptionally well with the textures of the pako, salted egg and cheese. I want to have this salad every week! That’s a big deal coming from a non-veggie eater!

Garlic Rice P35
This is the real thing. It’s not like the fake garlic rice you encounter in the city which is just blandly flavored garlic rice with garlic chips on top. Every morsel of this garlic rice tasted like garlic. Yes, it was that good that I’m making a big deal out of it.
Inasal Diablo (spicy) P245
Fire grilled half-sized chicken marinated in ginger, chilies, lemon grass and kalamnsi, garnished with annatto oil and served with our sautéed kangkong and Visayan fermented shrimp paste, homemade papaya atchara & soy kalamansi dipping sauce.

With diablo part of the dish’s name I was a bit nervous. I don’t have a high tolerance for spicy food. I like spicy food but my palette can’t take it. The chicken had a beautiful smoky taste that played inside your mouth then evolved into a kick of good spiciness to finish off the taste experience.
Pan Fried Bangus Belly P290
Crip pan-friend Pangasinan Bangus stuffed w/pan seared tomato and onion slices in soy sauce and kalamansi sauce, topped with our home made pickled mustard leaf.

I don’t think I can expound on the goodness of this dish. It was simply fresh and perfect.
Pasta ala Viscaina P155
Pasta with tomato sauce and smoked fish.

Since it was my birthday, we needed to have noodles. The pasta selection was small and I wasn’t expecting much from the Pasta ala Viscaina. Looks can be deceiving because the bowl was huge and deep. For P155, we had more than what we anticipated. The distinct flavor of the dish stuck to the noodles even without the sauce which I found quite remarkable.
Beef Salpicao ala Pobre P225
Soy and kalamansi marinated local Laguna beef sautéed in garlic and chilies. Topped with potato chips.

This looked more like a potato dish with beef than Salpicao! Haha Their version did not taste like Salpicao but was exceptional for a meat dish. The blend of the savory sauce with the tender beef and potatoes was a party in my mouth. I loved that the potato’s “trimming” was crispy but the potato itself a bit soft.
Frozen Mango Icebox Cake P105
Layered cake of butter cream, Laguna broas and fresh ripe mango.

Looks can be deceiving. The icebox cake looked better than how it tasted. There was too much whipped cream on top which overpowered the rest of the elements.
Turon con Latik P95
Turon of banana and jackfruit with native coconut caramel and toasted sesame seed.

This instantly caught my attention when I saw the menu. It was perfectly sweet for people who have a sweet tooth. The crunchiness of the turon mixed well with the thick sauce and the pinipig bits causing me to smile. Even after the turon was gone I was still going after the sauce. Haha
Though we all praised the food, my Dad said he didn’t want to go back because he didn’t want to drive again for 2 hours just for lunch. He wanted his meal to be accompanied by a tour or a at least a bit of sightseeing.

What I loved the most about Patis Tito was that everything we ordered tasted differently from each other. Their prices aren’t as expensive as most of the restaurants in Tagaytay. I would love to go back here for another foodie adventure!

Patis Tito
02-7252686, 02-7244231 (Metro Manila Office)
285 Brgy. Sta. Cruz (PUTOL), San Pablo City 4000, Laguna

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