A Manila Photo Walk in Intramuros

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

This was my first time back in Intramuros in years! So happy to shoot and eat my way around. 
📍 Plaza San Luis

📍 Batala Bar
Our food was a tad oily but the Chicken Abodurrito was good. First time for me to try Mulberry and it tasted like a blueberry and strawberry had a baby. The Mulberry Iced Tea was perfect for the scorching weather. TBH, you would prolly go here more for the view.

View from Batala Bar

Not sure what the name of this area was but it was in between our walk from Batala Bar to Manila Cathedral. It was a memorial honoring people who died during the war. 

📍 Manila Cathedral
Nice to see the Mobile Library in front of the Cathedral is still there and being used!

📍 Papakape
One thing cool about Papa Kape, they have exclusive flavors in each branch. It's a good marketing strat and also reflects the creativity of the owners. I normally like my coffee strong and sweet plus the fullness of milk. The Black Gulaman Americano was not that and I enjoyed it immensely. It tastes like its name – gulaman with coffee. It’s a refreshing and light take on coffee. It may sound odd but it makes sense. It may not be my usual order but I get why they made it. It goes well with the hot, humid, atmosphere of Intramuros.

Til our next photo walk Manila! Love you 4evs!

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