Manila Sunday Part 2: May 25 Intramuros Pasyal

Friday, June 20, 2014

After devouring our plate of good vibes and food at Eat Café, we were ready to head to the main event – Intramuros Pasyal! When we made our approach to Intramuros it started raining hard.

We parked near the Manila Cathedral while waiting for the rain to stop. The historic church recently finished its renovation so it’s a good time to visit. My group was all inappropriately dressed for Church so we didn’t go in. When the sun decided to say hi again, we got this amazing shot of the Cathedral.

Before we even got to the event area, we witnessed a Santacruzan and a procession. How Pinoy can you get? Amazing! 

What is the Intramuros Pasyal in the first place?!? It is an initiative by Viva Manila to bring back local tourism to the city.  The event closes a portion of General Luna street where you can enjoy performances, do a little shopping, fill your tummy with goodies and enjoy the program.

After the pouring rain, the humid Manila weather we are familiar to came. Make sure to bring a fan with you!
For the May 25 event, there was live graffiti art.
You’ll see and meet some interesting and friendly personalities.
Who doesn’t love bubbles? Young or old, I am still fascinated by them and puts a smile on my face.
Trisha said, “Bub-ception”. Mabenta, it’s a bubble inside a bubble. Haha
It would be good to wait for the program. The program opened with these amazing musicians who performed with such passion. It’s not exactly the easiest instrument to “sell” for people to watch which is why I have so much respect for this group. It’s not the most popular instrument but still they play on with glee.
There was a group who also performed capoeira.

It was the first time for my cousins to witness a spoken word performance and they liked it. A lot of the topics were about love. To be honest, it is a performance - the poem spoke more to me when the poet delivered it with such conviction.
Too cute! The topic was actually racy for kids and it was ssssoooo funny to see these kids covering their ears because of the volume and not the content. Hahaha

We left before the program ended and we were lucky. The rain came down hard again as seen in this photo from Carlos Celdran. We just had 2 umbrellas between the four of us and we would have been soaked if we stayed.

Wasn’t that such a good Sunday? I felt sticky and tired after but it was all good. I always feel like there’s this light inside me that’s ignited whenever I travel or experience something new that’s worth it. Thank God for Photo Walks, it is one of the things I do for my soul. Thanks to my co-photo walk joiners! The adventure is made more fun with you around.

Want to catch the next Intramuros Pasyal? Do make sure to like the Viva Manila page for different events and happenings in Manila.

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