Zamboanga’s Satti

Monday, April 11, 2011

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For our trip to Zamboanga, I didn't do my usual intensive research since we had Drei with us - someone who grew up there. I did read up and researched a little though being me. Haha One of the things that was non-negotiable to do was to try their famous Satti!

Originally from Jolo, Satti made its way to the shores of Zamboanga. It is similar to Malaysia’s Satay. It is composed of 3 tiny pieces of meat (chicken, pork or beef) on a stick doused with the special sweet and spicy sauce. It is served with a bowl of the sauce and chunks of rice, similar to Cebu’s puso rice.

They asked me how many pieces I wanted, if I wanted to the P50 meal with 8 sticks. I freaked out, 8 sticks in the morning??? I don’t think so. My freak out was cos of this:

I thought one stick looked this huge! (sticks on the right)

It was in fact more like these.

I ended eating 8 sticks! I could have eaten more but the sauce was extremely spicy. I don’t think it would have been good for my tummy. My Dad, who’s a huge fan of spicy food, would have been sipping the sauce like the locals.

The rice was perfect with the dish; the denseness of the rice doesn’t let the sauce seep in. The rice was a good breather from the spicy wonderland of Satti.

Satti shops open as early as 4 AM and close around 6 PM. This spicy dish as actually a breakfast dish! Each stick is P5 and the rice is P10.

Seriously, this is one of the things that made my trip awesome. I wish they had an authentic Satti place here in Manila!

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  1. Ohhh that looks really yummy, why don't we have that in Davao?:-(

    Obviously Mj here since Kim avoid spicy food like the plague:-D


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