Fashion tips for men over 60

Thursday, November 03, 2016

* This article was originally produced and published on Yahoo Philippines.

Recently included in the Senior’s Citizen club? Congratulations! It’s quite a feat. Just because you’re over 60 it doesn’t mean you should look like a lolo. Break free from the stereotypical bland lolo look with these fashion tips. You don’t want to look trying hard so apply these tips to colors and cuts you are comfortable in.

Add a pop of color
Blacks, beiges and grays are wardrobe staples but adding a touch of color can add life to anything. Inject doses of hues in your closet in the form of a bold solid color or a beautiful print with equally incredible shades.

Add a pop of color  

This applies to bottoms too. Just because colored skinny jeans are on trend for the younger set doesn’t mean its what you should do as well. There are colored slacks and pants in classic styles. To ease into this trick, pair colored jeans and shorts with neutral shirts like white, black, gray or blue.

It’s all about good design 

Most people find destination shirts as a cliché and baduy pasalubong but some people love it. The key is in finding a shirt with amazing design. Numerous travels and pasalubongs equal a collection of awesome looking destination shirts.

Try new cuts 

There are a myriad of cuts and styles in fashion available but you don’t have to use them all. Try the newer styles and see if it fits your personality and style. You don’t have to incorporate them in your wardrobe if you don’t feel comfortable in them. Slim pants aren’t as tight as skinny jeans and are much smaller than the traditional men’s slacks. If this style suits your body type then it’s worth a try.

Go for classic styles interpreted with a twist 

It may look like a normal striped tee at first but it’s more than that. The unexpected element makes the shirt different and stand out. It’s a fun way to wear classic styles.

Don’t be afraid of print

A good way to get into prints is by trying classic ones. Go for checkered, stripes and even polka dots for starters. Try using prints for tops and when you're ready, try printed bottoms as well.

Don’t be afraid to look different even at formal occasions   

Our tip for adding color also applies to formal wear. A lot of men go for a tie when attending weddings. Don’t be afraid to try something else by donning a bowtie instead. Picking complimentary colors for a dress shirt and bowtie will create a palette for your outfit. 

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