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Friday, February 05, 2016

My lack of love for vegetables are well documented in my blog. You know when I approve of a vegetable related dish or a restaurant - it is truly special because despite my aversion for vegetables, I love it. That is the case for Juju Eats.

 Juju Eats have pre-made combinations that are available in salad or wrap form. Salads are available in 2 portions - half and regular. When I ordered the half salad, nabitin ako. The next time I went for the regular sized salad and couldn't finish it - it was too much! The wrap on the other hand was perfect for me. When I hit Juju with a friend, we usually order a regular salad and wrap and that's good for us.

From the very first time I had a forkful of one of their salads, I've been smitten. What makes Juju so enamoring? The taste! It is possible for vegetables to taste immaculate. I love how each bowl you order is healthy and absolutely scrumptious. Each pre-made salad has several components which perfectly meld together creating a bowl exploding with different flavors and textures.  It’s like a going on a journey because each element stands out but also marries well with the others.

I've tried almost all of the pre-made combinations and these are my favorites:
Chicken Caesar
Crispy Catfish
Pesto Pasta (try to add bacon sometimes)
Greek Salad
Tuna Nicoise Pasta

You can also make your own salad with the different ingredients Juju Eats has available. I tried making my own salad once it was sad. It lacked the zest and deliciousness that I get from the pre-made bowls.

Before Juju Eats was born, the company first dabbled with drinks and created Juju Cleanse. These drinks are also available in each Juju Eats branch. Prices may run a bit high but you pay for healthy food, convenience and real good salads!

Want to get your hands on a bowl of Juju Eats? Visit any of their locations here.


Juju Eats
Available in Eastwood, Makati, The Podium and Rockwell Business Center Pasig.

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