Support the P2P Buses from QC, Ortigas to Makati

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

* Update: Froelich Tours no longer operates the Ortigas – Makati route but STILL operates the QC – Makati route. For updates about the Ortigas (via Robinson’s Galleria) – Makati route operated by HM Transport, please visit the DOTC Facebook page.  

The Point to Point Buses (P2P Buses) were launched right before Christmas last year. It has routes from Trinoma, SM North EDSA and Megamall going straight to Glorietta – no stops. This is a partnership between a private company and the government. 

Why should you take the P2P Bus?
1. It leaves on time.
Regardless of the number of people on the bus, it departs the pick-up point on time.
2. It saves you time.
Since these buses do not have stops like normal buses, it cuts travel time. From one feature on the news, it slashed 15 minutes to normal bus travel during morning rush hour.
3. The buses used are new and clean.
The seats are more comfortable than the usual buses. You won’t see bus tickets wedged in odd places or stupid things written on chairs.
4. You will have a seat.
They do not over load the bus, you won’t be standing.
5. I feel safer.
Snatchers can get on and off the bus at any time for a quick heist and getaway. With the P2P buses, they only get on at the pick-up point. You’ll have to wait and there’s no room for a quick getaway.
6. It’s cheaper than taking a taxi, Uber or Grab Car.
For P40, I was able to travel comfortably from Glorietta to Megamall. I didn’t have to worry about how expensive my ride would be because of the traffic. (Note, this route is no longer available. The Ortigas (via Robinson's Galleria) - Makati route by HM Transport is operational and costs P30.)

The Glorietta pick-up point is outside Glorietta 5 in front of North Park and Saboten.
The Megamall pick-up point is behind building A along Bank Drive. It is in front of BSA Towers.
If you’re taking the QC route, the double decker bus is much nicer. They even have a VIP area on the “first floor” with couches and a table. That for me is a plus; your ride home can be used more productively.

The thing is, I’ve seen photos of people taking the P2P bus and they are empty. On my Tuesday afternoon ride to Megamall there were less than 10 of us. I appreciate the peace and quiet but I worry – from a business perspective how can they earn money? No earnings = stopping innovative transportation solutions like this.

The schedule and pricing have changed since the launch so it is best to like Froehlich Tours’ Facebook Page to be updated with routes, schedules, pick-up points, and prices. There are talks for an Ortigas to QC route real soon as well. My dream route is an Ortigas-Manila route, which would be awesome!

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