My Favorite Philippine Sunsets

Friday, September 05, 2014


As mentioned in the past, I hardly witness sunsets since I'm usually in transit or dressing up or something. There were a few times when I'd be enchanted by its beauty but would not have a camera with me. This list will hopefully inspire you to catch sunsets and for me, to remind myself to have my camera ALWAYS.

The photo may not be as beautiful as the others but this sunset captures an emotion - glee. This photo is extra special to me because it was a dream come true coupled with only heartwarmingly amazing memories. 

Accommodation options in Batanes.

It is such a cliché to add Boracay to this list but it truly offers freaking amazing sunsets. Forget the laboracay people and the people who go there to hook up; just grad a shake from Jonas and enjoy nature’s show.

Accommodation options in Boracay

After a day of touring, my friends and I sat our tired bodies on the beach. It felt like it was ours because there were only a handful of people. Quietly, the sun decided to sleep and I was in awe of the warm hues it produced. 

Bataan - Las Casas

Arguably one of the best sunsets I've captured with any of my cameras. This photo doesn't do justice to the brilliance my cousins and I witnessed. I DID not have my camera with me and spent a good 10 minutes sprinting to the room and back to the beach to photograph the marvel unfolding before us. My cousins had a BETTER photo of the sunset when it just started while I did not have my camera!

Accommodation options in Bataan

I may have missed A LOT of other amazing spots like Bohol and Coron but I didn’t have my camera with me! Truth be told, even though I’ve visited Manila numerous times, I don’t have an iconic sunset shot from there either! When I tried to capture one, it was cloudy.

It is my goal to snap more sunrises and sunsets, what spots should I check out? I would love to read about your recommendations, feel free to comment below.

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