My Batanes Dream Came True Part 12: Swimming at the port

Sunday, September 11, 2011

After biking.....we decided to go swimming by the port! The waves at the port were extremely strong. There were "jackstones" near the port. Math of how strong the waves are - they installed those jackstones to help break the waves. 1 jackstone = 50++ bags of cement. I know now how it feels to be inside a washing machine, the waves would go clock wise then counter clockwise taking you with it. We stayed near the port to hang on to the ledge. Haha The locals didn’t have a problem.

I took their photo while in the water, it was difficult!

my sunset pose

We had a fabulous sunset as we swam, awesome!! We capped the day by jumping in!!

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* Additional photos from Owee Salva.

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