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Monday, August 18, 2014

So yes, 2 videos I produced are part of the list. I’m not being biased, I just genuinely enjoyed covering this year’s Philpop Finals night! That plus more links for this week. 

Philpop 2014 Finalists and Winners
This happened a few weeks ago but I still want to share it. I am not sharing this because I produced it but because I was there. It was my first time to hear all the songs, except for Q-rush on You, and loved a lot of them. OPM is truly alive! You should get a copy of the album.

13 Rookie mistakes women make
I could relate to so many of these situations, I bet you would too!

Natural light rocks
I’m a beach baby! Plus I love natural light for photography. Here’s more reason to say hello to the sun.
I’m one of those annoying people who don’t like to have gadgets around when seeing friends. I utterly hate it when we’re talking and someone keeps on checking their phone instead of conversing. This study supports my beliefs. Mwahahaha
* All photos from Yahoo PH.

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