Manila Sunday Part 1: Vinyl & Beatles Brunch at V Hotel’s Eat Café

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My latest buddy, Paola, and I scheduled another trip to Manila. We wanted to experience Viva Manila’s Intramuros Pasyal and we were fortunate to catch the last leg for summer. A trip to Manila means another thing, an opportunity to try Manila-only restaurants! Viva Manila and Carlos Celdran heavily promoting the Vinyl & Beatles Brunch at the Eat Café and after seeing a few photos – it was the obvious choice.

The Vinyl & Beatles Brunch had a limited run at Eat Café. May 25 was supposed to be the last day but due to its success, it was extended for a few more weekends in June. It’s a fairly simple concept; enjoy Beatles music with your brunch and shop vinyl records and players as well. Isn’t that a good way to start your Sunday?
Complimentary Bread
Red Velvet Cupcake (P40)
This cupcake deviates from the typical Red Velvet Cupcake by using butter cream frosting instead of cream cheese frosting. I didn’t like the deviation though I’m not the biggest fan of red velvet either. Perhaps red velvet lovers would have a better gauge of its goodness.
Special Brunch Menu (P360)
A four course plated menu:
Salad Starter
Mains: Oats, Pasta (Pesto, Creamy Cheese, Margarita)
Protein: Bacon or Sausage
Sides: Waffles, French Toast, Eggs Benedict
Unlimited Coffee or Tea
Brunch Set 1
Salad, Margarita Pasta, Bacon, Eggs Benedict
Brunch Set 2
Salad, Creamy Cheese, Bacon, Waffles

P360 looked pricey for the location but boy oh boy it was worth it. One brunch set is good enough to share for 2 women.  When the food arrived, it couldn’t fit on our table, we were given an extra table just to accommodate all the plates and bowls.

Everything in the set menu was seriously yummy. You could taste the smokiness of the bacon which went perfectly with the waffles and maple syrup. I prefer my waffles on the toasty side and Eat Café’s version was a bit on the chewy side. The Creamy Cheese Pasta stays true to its name – its cheesiness goes straight to your thighs.
Pinoy Favorites Breakfast (P400)
Longganisa, tocino, boneless bangus with garlic rice, tomatoes, egg and unlimited coffee or tea
For a plate called pinoy favorites, the tapa was absent. Out of all the items, I loved the bangus the most because it had the right amount of saltiness I love in boneless bangus. Their garlic rice was another stunner, it was legitimately good garlic rice. Every grain had the garlicky
When I saw the extensive Dilmah tea selection, I picked the unlimited tea right away. There were typical tea flavors and special ones like Orange + Lime and Lychee + Almond + Rose flavors. I tried 4 different flavors; it was such a fun morning of tea!
Jayjay Lozano and Carlos Celdran serenaded the crowd with Beatles songs. At the start of Jayjay’s set, they hand out a list of songs you can request from. If you’re courageous enough to perform, you can as well.
There are vinyl players and records are also for sale from Tom’s Vinyl Shack.
The café is quaint and it was packed when we arrived. We were lucky to get a table immediately. Parking can get tricky because the hotel only has street level parking. The whole Vinyl & Beatles Brunch radiated such a relaxing and engaging vibe. This brunch was a terrific start to the day, it is worth a trip to Manila.

As of writing, the last Beatles Brunch is happening this Sunday – June 24, 2014. If this post made you hungry, make sure to head there this weekend.

Coming up, the Intramuros Pasyal!

Eat Café at V Hotel
1766 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila

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