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Monday, February 21, 2011


I wrote this script 2 years ago for a TV show I was part of. My host, Sam, liked it so much that she texted me after shooting the segment. I was going through my files and decided to bring this script to cyberspace.

The Transfiguration Church in Caleruega (photo credit)
The Transfiguration Church in Caleruega has been a favorite of couples wanting to get hitched outside of Metro Manila. This Church doesn't become just a location but it becomes a character in the couple's love story. It is the perfect union of nature and a romantic wedding. 


Think Notes:
1. Pray for good weather on your wedding day, offer to Sta. Clara

Give an offering to Sta. Clara. Contrary to popular belief, they discourage offering eggs because sometimes the eggs offered are already spoiled. They recommend rice, medicine and even laundry detergent.
2. Take advantage of the small gate on the side of the Chapel to avoid the climb.
The picturesque stairs of Caleruega can be daunting to climb. Advise your guests to use the small gate at the side of the Chapel which is accessible from the road.

The Transfiguration Church in Caleruega
Transfiguration Church
Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
0921-2709890, 0921-8304226

* Accommodations in Nasugbu

 San Sebastian Church (photo credit)
Getting married in the only Steel Church in Asia is a good way to start your wedding story. For that, you turn to the Basilica Minore de San Sebastian, also known as the San Sebastian Church. This Church was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. The Church was prefabricated in Belgium and took 6 ships to transport to the Philippines. This Neo-Gothic Church’s interior was designed by Filipino Artist Lorenzo Rocha and his students.

Think Notes:

1. It gets hotter here during summer.
Since it is made of steel, expect warmer conditions during summer.
2. Take a photo from the choir loft.

Head up! The view from the choir loft makes for a magnificent photo as the bride is walking down the aisle. 3. Big family in your group photo? No problem!
The Church has liberal space for group photos. They also have personnel assisting your photographer and videographer in arranging group photos.

San Sebastian Church

Plaza del Carmen, Quiapo, Manila

02-7348908; 02-7361185

Binondo Church (photo credit)
Its formal name is the Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz but people generally refer to it as the Binondo Church. Lorenzo Ruiz had a Chinese Father. It was built to accommodate Chinese converts.

Think Notes:

1. Crowded and noisy.
Active is a term used mildly for the surroundings of the Church. It can get a tad chaotic since it is in the middle of everything.
2. Can accommodate the whole baranggay.

Your guest list seems to get longer every time you check it. This Church can house a good number of people.

Binondo Church

Quentin Paredes Street, Manila

02-2424850, 02-244041

The Manila Cathedral (photo credit)
If you believe that your wedding Church is a foreshadowing of your marriage, then book the Manila Cathedral. The Cathedral’s official name is the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It has stood the test of catastrophes. The current Cathedral is the 8th version having been destroyed by earthquakes, fires, bombs and typhoons in the past.

Think Notes:

1. Expect a large audience.

Maraming usi! Being that it is considered a tourist spot, bystanders and tourists are prevalent.

2. No specified dress code.
The bride has more flexibility in choosing her gown since the Cathedral doesn’t have a specific dress code.

Manila Cathedral

Cabildo cor. Beaterio, Intramuros, Manila

02-5273093, 02-5271796, 02-5273889, 02-5283876

* Accommodations in Manila.  

San Beda Chapel (photo credit)
Situated at the heart of San Beda College is the Abbey of Our Lady of Monserrat or simply the San Beda Chapel.

Think Notes:

1. Getting married in a Chapel with personal history.

Imagine saying “I Do” to your college sweetheart in your college Chapel? Bedans can claim this perk.
2. Beautiful ceiling design.

A low angle photo is a must during the ceremony. The brilliantly painted ceiling serves as a magnificent background.

San Beda Chapel
638 Mendiola Street., San Miguel, Manila
02-7355992, 02-7355972

Santuario de San Jose (photo credit)
During the 60s, this lot was donated by a family to the Catholic Church. Today, here stands the Santuario de San Jose tucked inside the East Greenhills Village.

Think Notes:

1. Serene and quiet.
The occasion is made more solemn since there are no distracting sounds from outside that you’d get from a Church on a public street.

2. Great Church personnel.
Most reviews online rave about the ease of working with the Church personnel.

Santuario de San Jose

Buffalo cor. Duke Sts. East Greenhills, Mandaluyong City

* Accommodations in Mandaluyong.  
Paco Park Church (photo credit)
If you want an intimate wedding, the Paco Park Church is a good bet. Also known as St. Pancratius Chapel, named after the patron saint of children. Jay of Kamikazee married Sarah Abad in a Black themed wedding. In true rockstar fashion, the reception was held at the nearby Paco Cemetery.

Think Notes:

1. More than 100 is trouble.
The Church can only accommodate around 100 people. If you come from a big family, stay away from this Church.

2. Short aisle but it is compensated by the outdoors.

The Park makes for a unique bridal march if you start outside by the fountain.

Paco Park Church

959 San Marcelino St. Paco, Manila
02-5257853, 02-5242022 loc 119

San Agustin Church (photo credit)
The San Agustin Church is perfect for Spanish themed weddings, it is the oldest Church still standing in the Philippines. It gave honor to the country when it was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site together with 3 other churches bundled under the Baroque Churches of the Philippines. Hong Kong Celebrities Dickie Cheung and Zhang Qian got married here in January 2008.

Think Notes:
1. Prepare to sweat.

Be prepared to bring fans and a hanky, they don’t have air-conditioning.

2. Love the spotlight, you’ll love the aisle.
The San Agustin Church has a long aisle allowing a long bridal march. 

3. Hear angels sing.
Getting a choir is encouraged since the Church has wonderful acoustics.

San Agustin Church
Calles Gen. Luna and Real Manila, Intramuros, Manila


Malate Church (photo credit) 
The Malate Church is rich with history that adds to its charm. It is also called Our Lady Of Remedies Parish.

Think Notes:

1. Uninvited guests.

There are a lot of beggars and vendors in the vicinity.
2. Home court advantage.

Talk about love thy own! Malate parishioners get as much as 50% discount on wedding packages.

3. Church with a view.

Just across the church you’ll have the Manila Bay as your backdrop. Imagine getting your portraits with the famed sunset.

Malate Church

2000 M.H. Del Pilar street, Malate, Manila

02-5232593,02-4005876, 02-4005877

Christ the King Church (photo credit)
In Quezon City alone there are 3 Christ the King Churches. Not to be confused with the one along E. Rodruguez, we’re visiting this one in Greenmeadows.

Think Notes:

1. Don’t expect a grand entrance.

Majestic wooden doors have been key in providing a Bride’s entrance. The Church has a glass door instead.

2. No traffic to your reception.
They have a reception hall. Hire a great event stylist and transform the blank space.

3. Ample Parking.

You don’t have to worry about parking since the Church has a massive parking lot right beside it.

With these suggestions, you are hopefully one step closer to your dream wedding. Happy Church hunting!

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    1. Oo nga! I researched it dito pala kinasal si dingdong at marian. ganda ng loob pag labas mo nga lang back to reality. haha


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