Instagram Snaps – July 2013

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In my last Molome post, I mentioned some changes. Here it is – I’ve left Molome for Instagram. I’m sorry Molome, IG really had my heart from the very start but they didn’t have it in my phone. Now, I have access to it and my cousins are beyond ecstatic. I started using IG in the middle of July so pardon my anemic first week.

(1) Now I can say what this was for. I had my very first visa interview last July and I wanted to dress cute. Photo on top shows my interview shoes and photo below is post interview – my commute shoes.
(2) Being new to IG, I was playing around with the apps. I used Phonto for this so I could experience adding text to photos. I know, lame. This photo shows my toy from Muji. Wiiihhhh!!!!
(3) What can make me wake up at 7 AM? Family and good food. This power combo was taken at Somethin’ Fishy during their Midnight to Morning Buffet. We were there for my cousin Ceejay’s despedida brunch that came home from the US. It was a beautiful morning as we visited Lolo in the cemetery. Ceej wasn’t here in Manila when Lolo passed so he made it a point to visit Lolo during his Manila vacation.
(4) Danix and I spent another day in a park. Upcoming post so watch out for it!

I’m adjusting to shooting with the mini, I embarrassingly still have blurred photos with it. Haha My August photos on IG are looking much better, promise! I think it’s the most number of mobile photos in a month. Thank you to everyone who followed me on Molome. Now, see you in Instagram! Feel free to holler!

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