Inspired to Think: Trying to figure out what you want in life

Sunday, September 01, 2013

It’s my birthday month and I excitedly launch a new section on the blog – Inspiring Posts. As I mentioned previously, I am big about passion. This new section is my other way of giving back. I really do love talking to people and picking their brain to help them find their passion or path in life, I call these our life talks.

My goal for this new section is to share articles that will make my readers think, help them find their passion and fulfill it. I am not an expert on it nor have my life all together but I appreciate articles that induce passion in me. I hope it does that to you as well.

I believe that you need to make time for topics like these. If you’re in the middle of a work deadline and come across an inspiring article, your brain isn’t wired to absorb it. Hopefully, my weekly Sunday posts will catch you on a relaxing weekend welcome these motivational posts.

I will also have posts will hopefully inspire you to create, not just think. Besides bettering oneself, passion comes in many forms and is also behind our talents and hobbies. I will have some food, photography and even make up posts here from time to time because all these are passion topics for many people.

If you’re lucky to know what your passion is, congratulations! However there is a large chunk of our population that struggle with finding theirs. Passion is such a big concept that it becomes too difficult to tackle. Try to step back, clear your head and find time to take on the challenge of wanting more in life. This link is a wonderful read to help you take the first step to finding what you want.

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The Inspire Series is a regular weekly post on Ang Kaladkarin featuring articles, photos, visuals and even videos that bring on inspiration and spark passion. Topics range from business, self, food, design, life and a whole lot more. The series aims to inspire readers to think, feel and create in order to achieve one’s passion or nurture it.

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