Inspired to Do: Valuing Relationships and People

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My loved ones know I’m a person who gives importance to nurturing relationships. I believe that making time for them is a choice, not a scheduling conflict. Yes life gets in the way of relationships and it’s not as easy to meet up with friends and family but there’s a way.

I read this post by Jen and it echoed my sentiments to a tee. We all lead busy lives, but as she said – you are as busy as you want to be. An excerpt for Jen’s post:

The Possibly Painful Truth

Having said that, when people say they’re too busy to meet up, it could be true. But if you ask them several times to no avail, then you probably haven’t given them a compelling enough reason to meet up with you, because either:
1. They can not see what value you can give to them at the moment, or
2. They can not see what value they can give to you at the moment.
    (Sometimes those two mix.)

People are really just as busy as they choose to be.

Please go and read this article to remind you about the important things – people, experiences and fantastic relationships. I think relationships (love, family, friends) need nurturing and work. I love spending quality time with people who matter. I love the new and memorable experiences you have or even just simple conversation with them.

I hope you guys know you are loved. I choose to have you in my life and I appreciate you. =)

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