Some Lessons from my first Manic Panic experience

Monday, May 20, 2013

* Check out parts 1 and 2 first before reading below.

1. Leave the dye longer.
We only left the dye for 45 minutes and it showed. The parts that were done first had the brightest shade of purple. The color would definitely come out brighter if it was kept longer. I theorize it might make the shade last longer as well.

2.  I can do it at home.
I thought there would be a major difference between using Manic Panic and common hair dyes but there wasn’t. Next time, I just need another person to help me at home.

3. It bleeds like hell.
From the salon to my dinner I took a cab, Sure I sweated a little that when I put up my hair, my nape had dashes of purple already. Whenever I would touch my hair, my fingers would get stained and would look dirty. It will bleed whenever it is wet – think when you bathe and sweat. I didn’t wear light colored tops on my first week. Up until the third week, I would still have a separate towel for my hair and would cover my pillow with a dark towel for possible staining.

4. Never again during summer.
In connection to number 3, it was inconvenient to be conscious of sweating and bathing and staining everything! I also couldn’t swim because chlorine would make the dye fade exponentially faster.

5. Less shampoo, more conditioning.
The dye would bleed more whenever I would use a shampoo since it strips the hair of impurities. There were a few times when I would just use conditioner and my locks wouldn’t bleed as much.

6. Speaking of hair products – buy the color protect line.
I think my streaks faded faster because I didn’t have the correct products to maintain it. Shame on me.

7. It fades fast. 
I originally wanted to get a tub of blue dye but the hue I took a liking to would eventually fade into a shade of green. Eeeeewww. I chose the Ultra Violet shade so that when it did fade, I would still be happy with the color since it faded to blue.

8. On a personal note, will have better styling. 
We used up a whole jar of the dye and it darkened my mane. Next time, I would opt to dye less areas of my hair to look a bit cleaner.

I would do this all over again. I actually like that it doesn’t last that long because I can just change it from time to time. I plan to get my next tub of Manic Panic after the scorching summer ends. I highly recommend Manic Panic and Funky Streaks. It’s so much fun experimenting safely and living out your hair dreams.

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  1. Thanks for this! I want to try it out but the dye is kinda pricey!
    Xo, angel

  2. WHOA Rix, I didn't know you had your hair colored purple! What a nice color!

    1. Didnt you like the photo on FB? Haha It lasted just a few weeks. Might try it again in October. For temporary days, I go pink too. =)

  3. Pwede ba umorder COD?Active pa rin ba merchant?

    1. Hi Maria :) Yes the seller is still active. Please check with her if she still does COD.


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