Going Moroccan at Kasbah

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I had plans to head to Morocco this year but that’s not pushing through. Supposedly, in preparation for that trip, I had intended to familiarize myself with their cuisine thus the visit to Kasbah. As luck would have it, I got a good deal from Groupon. The deal was P800 for an appetizer, salad, a choice between 2 main dishes and drinks for 2. I checked the dishes that you could choose from and it didn’t clash with my Lenten sacrifice.

On a weekday in March, Owee and I headed to Kasbah for a working lunch. The restaurant only had a handful of customers making it a good venue for our meeting.

Tabbouleh Salad
A fabulous green herbal salad of parsley, mint, tomatoes, and couscous with a tangy, refreshing lemon dressing
The salad is a Moroccan staple and simple. It was a refreshing start to the meal that it made me want to research about it and make my own version at home.

Hummus Kalamata
Chickpea and tahini puree blended with chopped olives
I just love hummus and Kasbah’s version is legitimately good.

Half and Half: Grilled Chicken Roulade Grilled Fish Mahi-mahi
There are 2 entrees for the voucher, the Chicken Roulade and the Grilled Mahi-mahi. You can opt to pick one or get both. Owee and I chose the half and half option to make the most of our meal. The fish lacked a bit of seasoning so it really needed the sauce. The chicken was the clear winner on this plate delivering with flavor profiles Morocco is famous for.

I’m starting to have an appreciation for coffee and this cup is delicious.

When the food came, our initial reaction was “This was it?”. Looks can be deceiving because at the end of the meal, we were full. The next thing I’m about to say is good for me but not for the restaurant – I loved that it wasn’t packed. I leisurely enjoyed my meal at Kasbah and it was the perfect place to have a good conversation with someone because it wasn’t noisy.  Oh, for the ladies, check out the adorable bathroom true to the restaurant’s theme.

Kasbah is not just a visual feast but a real treat for the palette. Morocco may be far away but having Kasbah in Manila gives me comfort.

Kasbah the Fort
7th Avenue Corner Katipunan Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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