Gigi’s Coffee & Cupcakes turned me into a fan

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

In my world of sweets, this is how I rank them:
(tied) 1. and 2. Cake or Ice Cream
3. Doughnuts
If I had to pick a fourth placer I would have to force myself to say “maybe cupcakes”. When the whole cupcake craze gripped our islands, I was indifferent to them. Some tasted awesome but I still wasn’t convinced. Some were even over rated.

Thanks to a sweet trip to Gigi’s Coffee & Cupcakes in Eastwood, I am a believer. First off, their cupcakes are P40 a pop and are sized appropriately. I won’t pay P80 and up for a cupcake even if you put gold in it. For cake and ice cream I would but for cupcakes? Naaaahhh…

Red Velvet Cupcake
I ordered for our group and included this one because I know someone would like it. Like cupcakes in general, I am also indifferent to Red Velvet. Nothing against Gigi’s version, it’s just a personal preference. 

Chili Chocolate
It had the right amount of heat for someone who can’t take a lot of it. You will feel the pinch of spiciness in your initial bite and it slowly fades away to expose the sweetness of the chocolate.
Sea Salt Chocolate
The chocolate cupcakes have the same chocolate base but the flavor differs thanks to the Chili and Sea Salt.

The raspberry flavor pops out thanks to the icing and topping, not much in the batter. Out of all the cupcakes we tasted, this was the sweetest. My sweet tooth was okay with it but the titas found it too sweet. 

The Lemon cupcake’s refreshing zing on a summer day was perfect and was our group’s favorite.

Over all, the cupcakes were moist and large compared to other cupcakes priced in the same range. Gigi’s is another establishment that took branding in consideration when it was conceptualized. It had a clear sense of identity from its ambiance and packaging. Surprisingly, this chocoholic loved the fruity cupcakes the most. It was a nice change of pace from my usual picks.  

My experience at Gigi’s isn’t enough for me to love cupcakes in general but it garners the title for my favorite cupcake place.

Gigi’s Coffee & Cupcakes
Felina Corporate Plaza Lobby, Eastwood City, Quezon City (in between Watsons and IBM)

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