Bacolod Food Trip: Calea VS Felicia’s Pastry Cafe

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Let’s go back to Bacolod! Haha

When you go to Bacolod, you go home with an insulin shot. Fine. It’s a running joke we’ve had. Haha NOT sinking your teeth in sugary sweet treats is sacrilegious when in Negros Occidental. We had a long list of places we had to eat at but wasn’t able to hit all of them. Sadness….We were only able to hit 2 dessert places in Bacalod – Calea and Felicia’s Pastry Cafe.

When we first arrived in Bacolod, we hit the beach first. So on our first meal back in the city, we headed to Calea right away since it was one of the highly recommended places.

Calea was quaint and packed when we got there. I was expecting the servers to be friendly since it was the land of smiles but they weren’t. The service was also rather slow and they made excuses which really didn’t make sense about why our order was taking long.

Dark Glazed Chocolate Cake (P80)
Raisin Rum Pudding (P85)
Oreo Cheesecake (P85)

The dessert was just okay for the sugarholic-sweets-loving-me. They were good but not fantastic.

On our last day in Bacalod, we headed to Felicia’s right after a delicious and filling lunch. I declared before going there that I wouldn’t order anymore and just try the cakes my cousins would try. Lo and behold, 10 seconds into Felicia’s and I quickly changed my mind. Thank God they had smaller proportions!

Chocolate Caramel Praline

Chocolate Espresso

Carrot Cake

Everything we ordered was exceptionally delectable. Each one stood out on its own and I would order them over and over again. The Chocolate Caramel Praline was the SWEETEST dessert I’ve ever had. EVER.

Hands down, the winner of this sugary battle is Felicia’s. If you only have 1 dessert place/café to go to, visit Felicia’s. You won’t be disappointed.

I’d go to Bacalod for the day, just like Deeeee-jong, just for Felicia’s and 21! Pao, Han, let’s food trip for the day to Bacolod? Haha

Here's where you can stay when you visit Bacolod

* Additional photos from Felicia’s Pastry Café.

Ground Floor, Robinsons Place,
Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City

Felicia's Pastry Cafe
6th Lacson Street, DOLL Building, Bacolod City

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