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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I hit another vegan restaurant! What can I say; I am fascinated with finding vegan food that appeals to the meat-loving me. Owner Alessa is the person behind this blog which I am an avid reader of. I admire her passion and dedication to her vegan lifestyle. Her mouth watering posts about vegan dishes, parties and Pipino made me want to visit the restaurant even more. Imagine, I got tempted by food I don’t normally eat?

Pipino also has a warm and fuzzy ambiance that makes you want to stay for as long as you want – which is exactly what we did consuming a lot in return. One Saturday, I invited my eating partner Berenice to spend a slow brunch there. Poor Berenice was under the weather so her palette was injured.

Brown Rice with Fresh Vegetables, Mushrooms and Mango served with Teriyaki or Soy Sauce (P120)
Injured Berenice ordered this appetizer which I unfortunately found too acidic. I want to love everything in Pipino but was saddened that it wasn’t the case. I don’t mean to be negative but the sauce was so acidic it reminded me of nail polish remover. =( It was a good thing the mango and vegetables helped lessen the intensity of acidity.
Watermelon Steak (P220)
My adventurous friend ordered this for her main course. As a non-vegetable and fruit eater, this was left field for me. I loved the flavours present in this dish but it confused the hell out of my taste buds and brain cells! I would enjoy the smoky and garlic taste of the steak but when my brain realizes its watermelon, it freaks out because of the odd combination. It sounds funny but it’s true.
Low Fat Cheese-less Vegan Lasagna made of Wheat pasta and layers of Silken Tofu, Tomato Sauce, Eggplant, Zucchini and Malunggay (P120)
I originally wanted the Mac and Cheese dish but the server said the Lasagna was their best seller.  I liked the texture of their vegan lasgana because it felt like meat lasagna. The dish also mimicked the taste of meat lasagna which I loved even more. When it comes to tomato pastas, I like the Italian palate fore than the Filipino one. I found the sauce too sweet which most Filipinos would actually love.
Pino Iced (P35)
Coconut Ice Cream (P35)
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (P40)
Would I pass up the opportunity? The chocolate lover had vegan ice cream! When I had my first spoonful of the Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, I noticed that it had a different texture from traditional ice cream which baffled my brain again. However once you get over the initial confusion, you’re brain will adjust and be comfortable with the next spoonfuls. Would I forego traditionally ice cream for this? No. Nevertheless I believe that for lactose intolerant individuals, this is the next best thing to the traditional one and you are in luck!

Vanilla Cinnamon Cupcake (P50)
This is just heaven in a cupcake. If you didn’t tell me it was vegan, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all. This just shows us that a healthier dessert option is accessible to us. I wanted to gobble this up again and again. The sugary goodness of the cupcake topped with some cinnamon sprinkles was the perfect way to end the meal.

What is it about Vegan food? Berenice and I didn’t finish our main courses; does it mean vegan food is more filling? The only reason we were able to have dessert was because we spent a long time in the Pipino. I may have loved the dessert more than the main dishes but this doesn’t deter me from coming back. I want to be proven wrong and fall madly, deeply in love with their main dishes. Perhaps I just haven’t found the one? In spite of that, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Pipino.

Make your way to the Sikatuna area for a different menu at a place that reeks of passion, artistry and love.

Pipino Restaurant
39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

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