June 2012 in Molome

Saturday, July 07, 2012

It seems like I’m enjoying shooting with my camera phone more and more. When I saw this month’s collage, I laughed – so many food and drink shots! Hahaha I don’t even have a sunset shot which has been present in past Molome collages.

(1) It was a day of collecting cheques for work and I found myself having lunch in ABS. I tried Refresher’s Signature Cooler that consisted of Lemonade and Basil which sounded odd on paper but absolutely energizing to my palette. Please open a branch in Ortigas!
(2) This was my first time to try the Flavored Beer sub zero style and I loved it. I can’t imagine drinking it any other way.
(3) Talk about shushal fishballs, yes on a plate. I missed eating this.
(4) I have yet to blog about this! I tried this soup during a shoot for work. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go too far to try this.
(5) This was a Christmas gift that we were only able to try after 6 months. It’s so delicious and rich; it goes straight to your thighs.
(6) My inspired mini photo walk!
(7) I seem to be very thirsty this month with all the drink shots! Meet the Caramel Cookie Dough milkshake from Starr’s which is to-die-for! This is another drink that will go straight to your thighs. Haha
(8) My nail art of choice for M&K’s wedding.

I wonder what July will bring? Don’t forget to follow me on Molome!

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  1. oooohhhh i want fishballs! apple beer sounds good...

    1. That's shushal fishballs, UP for the authentic ones! Hehe Apple beer, is available in most supermarkets. This particular one (below zero) is from Uncle Mo's. Malapit lang. Mwahahaha


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