An Inspired Walk around Ortigas

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Perspective – it’s that miniscule idea that can alter everything.

This City – Patrick Stump
'Cause this city is my city.
And I love it. Yeah I love it.
I was born and raised here
I got it made here.
And if I have my way
I'm going to stay here for life (ah-ah)
For life (ah-ah) X 7

On a mundane errands day, I suddenly had the urge to whip out my phone. Nothing special happened, I just decided to walk a tad slower, look up, look down and see if anything in my hood caught my eye.

After taking the first photo, I thought of textures. Say hello to the Ortigas textures. 

My phone may have had a bug (some of the photos weren’t saved!) but I still enjoyed the fruits from my very short photo walk. 

Isn’t it wonderful when you open your eyes and see things differently? My day of boring errands turned into an inspiring walk for me.


When was the last time you changed yours and saw things better? 

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  1. Nice perspective shots rica! Magawa nga din yang idea na yan...By the way, what's the model of your phone?

    Tin of

    1. Tin! Napadalaw ka ulit. Thanks! Hehe Go for it! Its very calming to zone out and observe even if the surroundings are chaotic. People were looking at we weirdly but I'm used to it. Haha

      Im using a Nokia C6, frustrated ako kasi Molome lang ang ok na photo app at hindi sya sing-ganda ng instagram. Hahaha

  2. Hi! Nice pictures of Ortigas. i live here in Ortigas and I can say that it's quite a beautiful subject. Try also taking a picture of kids riding their bikes during Sundays. They close roads for them. hehe.

    I love your quirky finds to some of your posts. :D

    1. Hi Neighbor! I've been wanting to try the bike day - if only I could wake up that early! Haha =) I just wish we had a bigger park.


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