Fluff List: Furniture 3

Monday, January 30, 2012

1. Rockwell Metal Chest of Drawers P61,351
This might seem odd but it reminds me of the cabinet that holds all the library cards. The roughed up and used feel of the drawers is just awesome.
2. Adirondack Waterski Chair and Ottoman $500.00

It’s bloody ingenious.
3. Calandria Armchair, Longshore $1,598

This beautiful chair would make for a great addition to any house! Can you imagine yourself comfortably settled in while you buy baltimore ravens tickets, home depot center tickets or camden yards tickets
4. Vintage Chalkboard Organizer P6,565
I do realize I'm too old to have this in my room. It would make for a nice addition to my future kitchen instead! Haha

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  1. That waterski chair is brilliant, I must say!


    1. Hello again Wonder Woman! =) Gorgeous right? I just don't know how comfy it is though. haha


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