All I Want for Christmas 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

(I'll have this post on top until Christmas so it's easy to find. Hehehe)

I did this for the first time 2 years ago and it was helpful! My family and friends who didn’t know what to get me were thankful. Without further ado, here I go!

Help My Keratin Fund
What is Keratin Complex?

This revolutionary therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding. Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair!
It’s this treatment my stylist highly recommended for my hair but it’s very expensive. Why do I want it? It takes out the frizziness of my hair without damaging it. In fact, it helps it become healthier. =) Rebonding and relaxing just gives you aesthetic happiness but this treatment will give me aesthetic and healthy happiness. I don’t mind my hair being straight or wavy anymore (thanks to Karina my stylist whom I love to bits) but am more concerned with its frizziness. They only have P1500 as a GC denomination at Regine’s salon which is too much to give me as a gift. I am willing to accept envelope gifts if you know what I mean. Haha Guys, it’s for the health of my hair! I don’t think it’s a vain thing to do anymore; I really need to give my hair a break.

Read more about the treatment on AMW and Facebook.

These were my favorite accessories growing up with 6 holes since grade school or high school. Hahaha I haven’t been able to update my “collection” and I need to replace them all. Haha I’m good with everyday earrings, no hoops or dangling earrings please. =) If you’d like to give gimik earrings, I wouldn’t mind that too. If it’s silver it has to be at least 92.5% because my skin reacts to anything lower.

I allotted 10 minutes to find a photo of my ears. Haha

More rakets
Wouldn’t you ask for that too? Haha I do photo slideshow AVPs (as posted on Lot 25), design all sorts of things and you can see some of them via My Print Manila. Feel free to email or message me if you have other design concerns. I do project management and try to write on the side as well.

Suelas Shoes in Size 6
I’ve heard some good comments about this brand and saw a lot of customers post their photos while travelling so that must mean it’s good. My picks in order of preference:

Bench’s Envi V-Neck Tee in Black (Small)
Sure they’re environmental friendly but that’s not the reason why I like it! It feels yummy on your skin and I use it to layer with some of my shirts. I can’t wear it as is since it’s a bit clingy. Haha I already have the other colors thus the request for black.

Kultura Filipino Watch
It’s cute and I like me some Pinoy Pride! I am still on the look out for a chunky digital watch that can last me a couple of years like my old G-Shock.
I like the one on the right

Closer look

Long Sleeved Shirts from Forever 21 in Small
I layer these under my short sleeved shirts which I use for shoots and when I travel. It helps me keep my sunburn to a minimum. When I was looking for color options and styles, it got pretty confusing. So for the sake of anyone out there wanting to buy me one, I’ve included the CU of the tag to make things easier.

These are the colors for the round neck long sleeved shirts. The only color I don't have is the blue one (2nd from the right) and the orange one (rightmost).

I bought the black and salmon version.

V-Neck version of the long sleeved shirt. I got the navy blue one. For the record, in addition to the above mentioned colors I already have a green long sleeved shirt.

Bed Sheets
There are some things that are neither a need nor a want; they’re someone in between. What are they called? That’s how I feel about my bed sheets! Haha I have one set that needs to be retired and I sorta need to replace it but I don’t want to buy one. I need a single bed sheet set with 2 pillow cases please. Here are a couple of pegs for the style I like, don’t worry you don’t need to buy these exactly! Haha

Nike Stuff
Nike is evil!! Right Erx? Haha This was the only photo I could take inside Nike. Haha Too bad I wasn’t able to take photo of the tops! Eeeeppp…

Then if I had no choice but to blow off money, as in the sponsor said I couldn’t use it for a trip, to give to others and I MUST spend it on an object, these are the things I would bee line towards.

My One and Only Bag
I’m not a fan of designer bags and don’t have the moolah to ever be a collector. There is only 1 brand I’d consider owning, Balenciaga. It doesn’t screw the label or logo of the brand (like LV, Chanel or Gucci) and you’ll only know it’s a Balenciaga if you follow designer brands. I’ll never buy one cos my initial reaction is always “that’s worth a trip to PLACE already!” Haha However, I wouldn’t mind receiving one. =p

A New SLR Camera
I was supposed to buy the Canon 500d last year but something happened. It took me this long to buy that a new model is already out! Haha I bought Jj this year so I don’t see myself getting a camera this year.

An awesome camera bag
I’ve posted my options here but I really fell in love with Ephiphanie Bags.

A New Watch
I want it chunky, digital that has it’s own light. Haha I don’t mind getting a more expensive watch because it means quality. My G-Shock was with me for years before it started deteriorating. Haha

For anyone who plans to get me something from my wish list, please coordinate with my sister (Rissa) so that you know what’s still on the list and not.

Let the Christmas chaos begin!

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