Air Asia's 2012 Big Sale

Monday, May 23, 2011

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My golly, I've been waiting for this sale for ages when I decided to do "Cambodia in 2012". The day has come to book!

After 2 tiresome hours, I finally got us tickets for Kuala Lumpur - Siem Reap for $116.95 with additional fees and luggage. That's already the promo rate! The normal rate (without all the fees and luggage) is $160.98 VS the rate we got which is $34.40.

What I didn't appreciate with Air Asia, maybe cos I'm not used to it, is that every move I made I had to pay for it so the price ballooned. The advertised rate is nowhere near the actual rate you'll pay. Perhaps I just need to get used to is.....

Since both flights are in the morning, I plan to spend some time in KL. Now, just need to wait for CebuPac to have promo rates for Manila - Kuala Lumpur! Mwahahaha =)

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