Absolutely loving Diana Vickers!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My friend Olive and I have love for Euro/Brit music. She was the one who introduced me to the fabulous Live Lounge series. Another Briton that's been making me happy and making me groove is Diana Vickers!

Diana's debut single "Once" made me love her.

"You'll never get to heaven if you dance like that

Oh oh oh oo
You're never gonna' get it if you hold me back...
Oh oh oh oo "
See boys, we like men who can dance! Haha Right, Erx? =p

Check out her album "Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree", you'll like it. I only heard of "Once" but when I heard the rest of the album I was hooked. Diana reminds me of Sophie Ellis Baxter with her smooth voice and danceable tunes although their voices are totally different. And uhm sorry Sophie my other love but I think Diana is better. Eeeepppp....I love you gals both anyway! =) Yay for Euro music!

* Photos from Diana Vickers Daily.

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