Summer Deals from Deal Grocer

Monday, March 21, 2011

Deal Grocer is at it again! They have new deals for the summer that the whole family can enjoy. You have to be a member to be able to see and purchase these deals.

El Nido for 2
As tempting as this is, it's not within my allotted budget for travel this year. I'm behaving, I'm not buying. Haha

T-Shirt Design Workshop and Silk Screen Class by Team Manila
I love and respect Team Manila. More than their dedication and passion to their work, I'm loving them more because of their willingness to share their expertise and love for our country.

Lego Robotics Course for Kids and Teens
What little boy did NOT like robots? This is the first of it's kind in the country and can really hone your kids' creativity as well as enrich them.

Customized Baicapture Photobooth
Any one getting married next year? You might wanna snag this deal, FAST!

Bikram Yoga and Pilates Deals
I've been wanting to try one of them even though I know it's hard for first timers. I just wish they had more offers of studios based in Ortigas. As I've been saying, "Location is God." Hehe

Quiksilver's Luma
It claims to be the perfect summer watch since it is water-resistent. At 50%, it just might be the watch to give the man in your life.

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