Mitch Mauricio’s exhibit, "Puerta"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let me tell you about my friend Mitch.... She is an amazing photographer.

Her passion project, Anik-anik Love was the 2010 Best Culture and Arts Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards. Visit Anik-anik Love, it documents the spaces of various artists. It’s like taking a peek inside their heads, amazing!

And just last Saturday, she had her first solo exhibit! Congrats Chicks! Two years in the making, Puerta is a courageous exhibit. As Mitch said this is just the start as she plans to continue this series.

About the Exhibit:  
"Five years ago, Mitch Mauricio realized that even as an “adult” she had but a vague understanding of her own sexual identity, that she lived most of her life ignoring her urges and her desires. She made a conscious decision to recognize these often ignored aspects of her personality and to document her discoveries using her camera. Did other women feel the same way about their own sexual development? Do they even acknowledge their own sexuality? To find answers, Mitch set out to connect with other women who were willing to share their stories in the hopes of broadening her understanding of a topic that is discussed only in hushed tones, if at all. In Puerta, Mitch’s first solo exhibit, she shares with the public an intimate collection of photographs that fearlessly explore female sexuality. Her work is an attempt to stimulate discussion about women’s sexual desires, their unique needs, and the role that female sexuality plays in our lives. Mitch attempts to capture all twelve vagina portraits completely devoid of sexual objectification and commercial glamour, in the hopes that the audience will come to see the vagina in a different light."

About Mitch: "Mitch Mauricio received her degree in Literature from De La Salle University. She spent the greater part of her college life working as the photo editor for The LaSallian, the university’s official student publication. It was there that her love for photography grew and she developed an interest in society and the human condition. Her career began as a marketing assistant at AdPhoto Inc. It was here that she realized she wanted to tell the stories of people. She believed that the only way to do this was to be a photojournalist so she joined The Philippine Daily Inquirer. From shooting drug busts, rallies, and political strife, she then moved on to the more relaxed pace of photographing celebrities at GMA Network. Currently, she also shoots for various local magazines. Mitch’s personal projects tell stories about life, love, and lust. In an ongoing journey to define her own identity, she explores the different layers of female sexuality with her camera."

Puerta runs from February 12 - March 10 at the Pablo Gallery in Cubao Expo. The gallery is open Tuesdays - Saturdays from 1 - 7 PM. Dalaw na!

* All photos by Mitch Mauricio.

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