Quiapo and Makati Photo Walk for January

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quiapo was my destination for my first photo walk of the year. I’ve been to Quiapo a couple of times in the past though most of them were when I was younger. My friend Danix joined me for the adventure.

From Ortigas, we took the MRT to Taft Avenue then transferred to the LRT 1 and got off at the Carriedo station. My friend Danix and I usually pass Isetan Department Store and the SM Clearance Outlet to go to Quiapo. This time, we bought stuff in Isetan. Haha

Our plan was to explore Quiapo and see where our feet would take us. We were getting more excited as we inched our way towards the Quiapo Church. We did a 360 view at the plaza then entered the historic Church to pay homage and pray. It might have been the first time for me in the Church which is why I didn’t know taking photos were not allowed. Haha

We stepped out of Church and started exploring with our home made map (thanks Danix!). I’m partially paranoid. Being me automatically attracts attention so being me + a huge camera attracts more attention. I had this feeling of “ayaw kong manakawan” while I was there to I didn’t bring out my camera as much as I wanted.

Quaipo Scenes:

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Sy Sun Sr. for your donation!

One of the things we saw at the plaza. Mwahahaha

Each candle represents something you're praying for

These bottles of oil are believed have healing powers. Like the candles, each bottle is for a certain ailment.

The famous handicrafts area under the bridge. (Literally, sa ilalim ng tulay.)


Bumabayo much?

I was a tad underwhelmed but happy with Quiapo. I think it was primarily cos of my paranoia. (Hey, I survived studying in Taft for years and NEVER got pick pocketed! That’s considered a feat you know.) I was able to get some photos that made my day but realized that Quaipo is really more for shopping than photo walking. Haha

For lunch, we decided to head to Magallanes to try White Cow’s shakes made famous by ClickTheCity. Unfortunately, it was closed already! Sadness….

We ended up going to the Ayala Triangle Gardens for a quick lunch at Wee Nam Kee. We couldn’t stay long since Danix had to go accompany her mom to an appointment so we decided to head home. We talked a bit in Makati and it just got us excited for more photo walks in the future.

Despite not being able to take a lot of photos, I was immensely satisfied with the trip. We took our time and enjoyed. There were no pressures to go to this place or to strictly follow a schedule. Add the fact that Danix and I together make for good travel partners.

We’re having the 2nd photo walk this weekend, stay tuned!

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