Jim and his fantastic pancakes

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You can get inspiration from so many things. I love seeing inspired people create. I showed my friend Mila's Dreams then after a few days she found something related, Jim's pancakes!

It started as a simple idea; Jim just wanted to create pancakes for his daughter, Allison. This little project was inherited from Jim's dad who used to do the same when Jim was younger.

Allison is such a cutie!

Jim explains how he made the pancakes in each post.

Take note, the pancakes he makes aren’t flat! Effort with a capital A! Haha

Can you imagine the creativity and effort that goes into this? I wonder if I could do a project like this when I have kids too? Haha This does make me wanna do my own pancakes soon! haha

Oh what parents would do for their kids. =)

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