The BEST place to buy Pasalubongs when visiting the Philippines

Friday, January 07, 2011

Warning, this is gonna be one helluva photo heavy post. You may not find the exact designs when you visit but rest assured the items are there. You may even find designs that you adore more than the photos seen here.

A lot of tourists and balikbayans are vacationing in the country because of the holiday season and that only means one thing, pasalubongs!

When I travel to a local or foreign destination, I try to buy interesting pasalubongs for my family and friends though sometimes I give in and get the touristy items. My dad is a huge fan of souvenir shirts so I try to get him cool shirts from brands that are like Island Souvenir or Team Manila.

You’ll usually buy pasalubongs for yourself, your loved ones, some officemates and more if you have an extensive network. What I love about SM (I am an SM girl and proud of it) is they literally have it all as their slogan states. With the introduction of Kultura Filipino in the market years ago, it IS really the one stop shop to buy Filipino goods at honest to goodness reasonable prices.

When someone asks me what a great pasalubong gift for anyone my immediate go-to brand is Team Manila – they’re nationalistic with a fantastic design aesthetic. Well there are Team Manila items at Kultura Filipino! 

Why do I love KF?
- You can shop for EVERYONE here.
- The sales associates are friendly and always willing to help.
- Reasonable prices, you won’t be scared that you’ll be scammed here.
- Very accessible since it’s in most SM malls NATIONWIDE.

Food from all over the country

The Usual Pasalubong Suspects

Little Trinkets (read, affordable!) for colleagues, kids, etc.

Bring a part of the Philippines home - have a miniature item in your house to remind you of your trip to the Philippines.
I actually want a jeepney to match my Batanes house and Vietnam bike!

 Our local slingshot, the "tirador"

Items for your house
I may not be an art expert but I loved the colors and scenery in these paintings.

This was too funny, pot holders anyone?

I grew up playing sungka! It taught me how to strategize and to use math. Haha

Apparel for your fave sibling or friend

Those rolled up things rolls out to be a skirt or tube dress.

Flavored cigars

Team Manila Stuff!!!

Love love these watches

Bags for your mom

Give back to a charity

Fabulous accessories  

How can you not buy pearls??

* Kultura Filipino is available in different SM Malls nationwide. Click here to see store locations.

Planning a trip to the Philippines? Visit Agoda for accommodation options. 

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  1. great info..
    by the way im going back home (phili) from dubai in a couple of days and i only have 5days to stay then flying to barcelona to visit friends and fam.. they where asking me pasalubong where actually celebrating cagatio (a christmas celebration in Catalan) i need to know where else i can buy pasalubong like handicraft bags for them


    1. Hi Ronica! Since you are pressed for time, Kultura Filipino is ok. They have a lot of handicrafts also there. If there's no Kultura Filipino in the mall, they have products in SM's department store. SM has a mall in major cities all over the country. Hope that helps! =)

  2. Hello ask ko lng if ung team manila n brand is nasa kf din?

    1. Hi! Their stuff comes and goes. Sometimes I see them then sometimes they're not there anymore...I was there just this week and saw some Islands Souvenirs shirts there which are new. =)

  3. Hi! Can you guys do shipping internationally??? By the way im here in the US. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mhaye =) Thanks for visiting the blog. I am not affiliated with Kultura Filipino, I'm just a fan. It would be best to get in touch with them directly. You might wanna try checking their website -

  4. Hello there. Good day! Nice blog post, congrats! I would like to know if it's possible to use two of your photos (pearl bracelets and shell necklaces) on a Philippine travel app we're developing. Thank you and more power! :)

    1. Hi, please send me an email at Thanks =)


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