Christmas Give List: Accessories from Shoppersville

Monday, November 15, 2010

I love being able to find interesting gifts in the oddest or in unexpected places. And I have a post like that today! Shoppersville has appeared in my blog in the past, it’s more than a supermarket. They’ve surprised me yet again with these wonderful items that would make someone happy this Christmas.

I’m mostly a cuff/bracelets kinda girl more than any other accessory. Oh, I used to be big on earrings since I have 3 holes on each ear though I haven’t been using much of those. Anyway, I’m drifting from what I want to say. Haha

I was in the Katipunan area once again and took photos of a few things that caught my eye. Some of them were caught in my wallet and found its way to my bag. Haha

Something cute for the kids – thin, studded belt-like bracelets (P25.25)

Thick, plain colored cuffs (P155.25 each)

Top to Bottom: Silver and Blue Bangles (P65.25), 3 Blue Bangles (P54.50), Set of White Bangles (P124.25), White Bangle with Huge Beads
Owee will think the styling of this is familiar. Haha a stack of bangles! I particularly love the white ones.

Left to right: Black Wrap Around Bracelet with Crystals (P117), Double Wrap Bracelet (P117), White Wrap Around Bracelet with Studs and Crystals (P288), Black Sliced Cuff With Crystals (117)
I really love leather (or faux leather cuffs)! Can you guess which ones went home with me?

Here’s another look of the Double Wrap Bracelet (P117)

Wrap Around Studded Bracelet (P153)

Oh, we were at Shoppers to get some of the prizes for the Bridal Shower our barkada threw for the first Freak walking down the aisle. We got these eyeshadows and liners for P29 and P43.25.

Sometimes, you just need to snoop a little to find unexpected gift ideas.

(After all the Christmas Give Lists, I’ll post about the bridal shower. We got good comments about the shower and I would love to share some of the things we did. Would you want to know about it? Haha)

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Again, I will shop vicariously through others. Leave me a message if you purchase any of my suggestion please. =)

355 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
02-9208050, 02-9291304

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