A Chocolatey Birthday

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I don’t have any travel plans for the rest of the year so you’ll hafta brace yourself for food posts instead.

Speaking of lack of travel and food....I usually go out of town/country for my birthday but found myself in Manila this year. You know what’s more awesome? I wasn’t pissed that I stayed here. Is this me maturing? Haha

I would describe my birthday weekend (my birthday was on a Sat, how rare is that?) in 2 words: sleep and eat. Hahaha I honestly spent a majority of the weekend sleeping which felt awesome. I loved the fact that I was able to be around people I wanted to be with.

Oh, the food part of the post! God knows and loves me. He sent luxurious chocolate my way; I got 2 pleasant surprises in the form of 2 boxes of chocolate! How appropriate for the girl that abstained from chocolate for Holy Week in 2010. (that’s how much I luuurrrvveeee chocolate)

Say hello to the brownies made by the fabulous hands of Chef Jackie Laudico.

The box was wrapped beautifully and upon opening it, the sweet scent of the brownies elicits an instant smile on my face. I love the PR firm that gave these brownies; they go beyond PR and work.

You know the saying the gift that just kept on giving? That’s how I felt with this simple box of brownies because besides making me fall in love with them, that box also meant a donation to Virlanie and the Autism Society of the Philippines. Duhba???

I felt guilty receiving this other gift. I attended the birthday party of my friend who celebrated the night before mine. I didn’t want any attention given my way since it was HER night. When the clock struck 12 her family surprised me with the cake. It was such a thoughtful and surprising gesture on an already awesome night.
The Chocolate Kahlua cake melts in your mouth. It’s moist, fudgy and every inch of chocolate! This little thing can pack a punch; it may look small but the indulgent baked goodie is heavy in the tummy. I can’t wait to try the other types of cake they have.

Oh watta chocalatey birthday indeed! Eeeeppp! =)

Cafe Chocolat
Burgos Cor Mabini Streets San Juan

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