Cyber Window Shopping: Swimwear Sale

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I have random swimwear cravings and site hop. I got the craving today and saw some on sale. I did not buy...but I hope I get to vicariously shop through someone. Haha

Ring Halter Top $5.99 (Original: $29.50)
I've never shied away from color.

White multi Cinched Bandeau $3.99 (Original: $29.50)
I've been saying that the next suit I'd buy would have to be red, have too much blue. Haha

Eco-Panda Paint Splatter String Bottom $5.99 (Original: $38.50)

Black/white Ring Bandeau $9.99 (Original: $29.50) and Side-Cinched Skirtini $5.99 (Original: $29.50)
Scrunch one side lower or higher than the other.

Billabong Stripe Slide Halter $19.99 (Original: $39.50) and Side-Tie Bottom $19.99 (Original: $39.50)
My love for blue creeps in.

Reef Inca Trail String Top $19.99 (Original: $45.50)
I fell for the back of this top.

Solid twist-front bandeau top $9.99 (Original: $44.00)
What I said about the belted bikini goes the same for this one.

Solid belted bow bikini $9.99 (Original: $40.00)
I've never owned a suit that screamed sophisticated. This drips of it despite its simplicity.

* Photos from respective websites.

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