FREE Writing Mentorship from Jun Lana

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yes, for the record we work for the same company but wherever Direk Jun works, I'd still be posting this. =) This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who would like to get into the industry. Dude, you'll be mentored by one of the best! =)

Award-winning writer and youngest Palanca Hall of Famer Jun Lana is offering a FREE Writing Mentorship Program for aspiring screenwriters. Interested applicants must submit their CV and a one-page essay (in Filipino) on why they want to pursue a career in screenwriting to Only 3 applicants will be chosen to participate in an intensive 3-month individualized mentorship program aimed to refine their craft and expose them to career opportunities within the entertainment field. Deadline of submission is on October 15, 2010. For more details log on to
You have 9 more days!

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