Elated over Astralis

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I did mention besides work all I’ve done is eat right? I finally was able to eat at Astralis! I’ve been salivating over this one since it first opened but I’m not a Powerplant frequenter. I found a valid excuse to go and kinda coerced my parents to come along for the ride.

Tagliatelle and Beef Strips (P410)
As my Mom said, this is a Rica dish: beef, olive and tomatoes. I didn’t expect it to be dry; I expected some semblance of sauce. Haha Clearly, this wasn’t my favorite. It was good for a couple of spoonfuls but I got bored after.

Braised Lamb Shank (P650)
I’ve never been a fan of lamb. I’ve eaten it in the past because when I was younger, I had to eat what was served. Lamb has a certain taste that I don’t love and it took my teenage years to verbalize that it simply wasn’t for me. However, my lamb-lover of a father loved every bit of it so take his word instead.

Roasted Norwegian Salmon with Mediterranean Crust (P650)
Hands down my favorite for the night; my mom and I both love salmon and I was elated she ordered this dish. You could taste the freshness of the fish which was carefully infused with white sauce doused in white wine. The wild rice complimented the dish perfectly.
Diamond Hotel’s Super Moist Chocolate Cake
Heaven. I first had this 8 years ago and it still gives me the same giddiness. What made me a happy camper is the moistness of the cake borderlines to fudge-ness.

Their dishes are of course hotel prices but I’d have to say worth it. The ambiance, service and food all left a fabulous impression on me.

Ground Floor Power Plant Mall


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