This is your sign to go back to Elait Rolled Ice Cream

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

I must have tried Elait Rolled Ice Cream when they first opened maaaany years ago. A friend recently invited for dessert there and it was a reunion I never knew I needed. 

Elait offers rolled ice cream and it is not overtly sweet. I particularly liked this about them despite having a sweet tooth. You’ll get to enjoy your cup as it gives different textures in a spoonful.

I got the Chocolate Overload (chocolate shards, brownies, pocky sticks, chocolate vermicelli, chocolate drizzle). and Strawberry Trifle (strawberries, cream cheese, lady fingers, condensed milk, strawberry drizzle, almonds) --- loved them both. I can’t wait to drop by again to try the others.

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