Forbes Town in Taguig gives you a reason to do a photo walk

Thursday, May 23, 2024

I’m back to doing something I love – photo walks! If you haven’t been, this is your sign to drop by Forbes Town to see awesome murals created by local artists. Don’t forget to use sunblock and bring water.

Warm hues for The Color Bar

Big Apple Express Spa Mural by Artistespace Inc.

The Learning Jungle Mural by Artistespace Inc.

All eyes on the Miqesi Salon mural

Uncle John’s Mural by Artistespace Inc.

These murals were added this 2024.

The zen mural can be seen by Anytime Fitness

Zion Mural by Weewilldoodle

Beyond the Box

Even the Meralco voltage had a glow up

Tropical vibes for Big Belly Burgers

Spanish flag colors for Bistro Madrid

Not the best photo but this mural for Watering Hole is a vibe

Noor Mural by Weewilldoodle

Cuteness overload

Even the residential area had a glow up too

Vito’s BBQ is known for the quirky packaging and it is reflected in their mural too

Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill's Mural is by Restok

Sunblock, walk, shoot, repeat. Hope this inspires you to go on a photo walk! 

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