Volunteer to walk dogs with Ampon Alaga

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Steps + doggos? I’m there!

Ampon Alaga is the rescue and adoption project of PETA Asia. My friend Tin saw a feature about the organization because they were looking for volunteers to help walk the dogs. Walks are done everyday so they really do need a lot of help. 
I’ve never had a dog. When we signed up, we mentioned this to the organizers and I was immensely lucky to partner with Tawny who as pretty chill but pooped a lot! Haha Tawny probably pooped 4 times one of which was in the middle of the road near Powerplant. 

As a first timer, it was a pleasant experience. The Ampon Alaga team briefs you before going out and shares tips on how to handle the dogs. Any time during the walk you can easily ask for help from the team as well. 

A lot of the stories of the rescued dogs is heartbreaking. It’s amazing how the Ampon Alaga team have cared for these dogs that they weren’t afraid of humans anymore. 

You’ll definitely get your steps in and your sweat on so bring essentials accordingly. 

Remember, there are different ways to help!
- Like and share this post.
Spread the word about the organization and efforts. Go and like the Ampon Alaga page to be updated with their efforts.
- Volunteer.
Walks are done twice a day for 2-3 hours and Ampon Alaga really need the manpower for this.
- Donate.
If you are able to share financially or through items and services – that is appreciated.
- Adopt.
Help these doggos find their forever home!

If you’re looking for that one new thing to do this 2024, please make this it. 

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