Corner House is an architectural breath of fresh air

Friday, February 23, 2024

Corner House is not like any community mall or establishment in the metro. It’s bemusing to see what it is now knowing what it looked like before. The patch of land used to be a restaurant and now it’s a massive structure designed beautifully.

There are a lot of negative space in the structure that is an anti-thesis of common malls that maximize every square meter for leasing.

The Corner House boasts of vendors that either have their first, second and even fourth branch. The complex was probably at 60% capacity when we visited. We made our way to Bun Appetit and AM Espresso for lunch. 

Ordered the OG Garlic Noodles (P170) and the San Juan exclusive toasts. To be honest the Shrimp Avocado (P390) and Salmon on Salmon (P390) were delicious but pricey. It’s just a matter of preference and I don’t think I’ll be spending that much for a piece of toast. 

I ordered a drink for takeout and what surprised me was I was charged service charge. Is this normal? Anyway, AM Espresso is an al fresco kiosk in the complex. It was the only coffee shop opened when we visited so there was quite a wait when you order. Having said that, I don’t mind visiting again because they have other creative drinks like Latik, Orangepresso, and Coconut Crush 

Alfie’s Chill (P140)
Shaken Espresso with a Vanilla Cloud
Alfie’s Chill had the perfect balance of sweetness and strong coffee. 

Met a friend. 

Sure, people go there because it’s aesthetic. I found myself marveling at all the lines, clean spaces and design that the building offered. 

I’ll be back Corner House! I’m excited to try the other restaurants you house.

455 P. Guevarra cor Recto , San Juan

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