Club Paradise Coron is worth the splurge always

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Let me start by saying I’m not normally a luxe traveler. I usually prefer to spend my money on the location, food, and experiences a place can offer. Comfortable accommodations are needed but not necessarily 5 stars. 

Club Paradise in Coron has always been on my dream list because it is notoriously spectacular. They had a good promotion in 2021 and I could not pass it up. The rates were cheaper, it had more inclusions than pre-pandemic offers, and the voucher was valid for almost 2 years. The booking terms were very flexible which was perfect during the pandemic. 

We booked the trip for March 2022. I had completed my COVID shots already. I lived with seniors and would regularly visit my immunocompromised lola so I was very careful. At this point no one in our household got sick with COVID.  It was my first time to travel during the pandemic and I was honestly scared, excited and so many emotions. 

Club Paradise was perfect for me because you were going to an island resort. There were less people VS going to a beach location like Boracay. 

The resort will take care of your land and boat transfers from the airport. Everything was seamless and hassle-free. 

Seeing the water and the island got me excited.

You are greeted with snacks when you arrive. To our surprise, we would also receive other snacks throughout our trip.

We stayed in the Sunset Villa and my gosh, this was also my dream room. Imagine waking up and just walking to the stunning beach. Madness. It was a spacious room that had its own closest area and sitting area inside.

The view from our room.

We had to move to the Sunrise Villa on our last night because of room availability. This villa is definitely bigger than the Sunset Villa but it’s a longer walk to the amenities. The beach in front of it is rocky and not swimmable.  

Be prepared to randomly see animals in the property. 

As someone who’s not used to regularly staying in 5-star hotels, their service was impeccable. The staff would go above and beyond to help you out. There is a vibe of warmth and friendliness that feels like a hug. 

The food was good and similar to other hotel properties. We liked their lemon cookies so much, we decided to buy them as pasalubong. 

Club Paradise is breathtaking. THAT WATER AND SAND IS BONKERS. GUYS ANG GANDA. (yes all caps)

There are so many different spots to hang out at. The resort was at 90% capacity during our visit and it did not feel like that at all. 

I’m all for doing nothing by the beach watching the sun set.

You get what you pay for when you visit the resort. Nature, accommodations, service, food are top notch. It easily goes to my top 3 PH trips of all time.

Dimakya Island, Coron, Philippines

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