Why Solaire Resort and Casino is actually a good date place

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My parents opted for a city staycation for their anniversary and we found ourselves in Solaire Resort and Casino celebrating with them. My initial thought was, really at a casino??? I didn't have a lot of expectations so here goes.

THIS view alone makes it date-worthy for me. Yes I know a lunch date isn’t exactly romantic. See that gorgeous blue sky? Exchange that for a brilliant sunset and BOOM you’ve got yourself a fantastic date spot. Unfortunately the night before it was gloomy and I did not get that sunset shot. Believe me, with good weather that sunset shot exists. Food is good enough for hotel standards but also expect hotel prices even if you are seated pool side. After seeing the sunset, you can move to another restaurant in the complex, see a show or have some dessert.  Before I forget, this was news to me – PARKING IS FREE. Hoooray!

Solaire is also a good spot for the family to check in. We were billeted in the Sky Studio room and at 65 sqm that was a pretty spacious room.

It's a pretty good looking hotel, there are a lot of spots to photograph. Each restaurant is decorated with such detail. Even the hallways aren’t spared. It is a casino so opulence is not exactly a foreign concept.

The kids will love going around and spending time by the pool. It was one of my favorite areas. They also have a gym, spa and shooting range.

Granted I am not a fan of casinos but I did enjoy my stay at the hotel. I skipped the smoky and smelly casino floor but thoroughly enjoyed steps-ing in the massive property. The view from the pool and the insta-worty interiors were enough to keep me happy.

Want to book a room at Solaire? Check out room availability here.

* Additional photos from Agoda.

Solaire Resort and Casino
1 Asean Avenue Entertainment City Paranaque, Manila Bay, Manila

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