Museum Hopping Part 1: The Metropolitan Museum

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Sometime ago, Paola and I excitedly headed to Manila for a day of culture! The Metropolitan Museum had a promotion and entrance was free. So we decided to hit 2 museums in one trip: The Met in the morning and my beloved National Museum in the afternoon.

What's so special about The Met? 

It’s a good overview of Filipino art  
You are not allowed to take photos of the permanent exhibitions. They showcase traditional pieces all the way to current pieces. It’s an excellent introduction to Philippine art through time without feeling overwhelmed by the number of pieces. The collections feel like cheat sheets of what that decade meant in terms of art. There are a good number of paintings and sculptures that illustrate how art has changed through the decades in the country. You’ll see how much of our history is mirrored in the works of artists during that specific time period.  There are artworks that were produced just a few years back with works from Kidlat Tahimik, Imao, Nona Garcia, and Geraldine Javier.

Good variety of changing exhibits 

The “Brave New World: My Utopia, Your Dystopia” was one of the temporary exhibits during our visit. It is curated by a Filipino artist and was first shown in France. It’s a combination of art, mixed medium pieces, and even a few interactive ones.
More photos from the “Brave New World: My Utopia, Your Dystopia” exhibit
I was ecstatic to see that National Artist Napoleon Abueva’s works were one of the exhibits showcased! I know of some of his work so it was extra special to see more of them in person.
More of Abueva’s works

Enjoy a tour

 As much as possible I try to take a tour when in a museum. I am not fluent in art but have an appreciation for it. I’ m first to admit that there are pieces I may not understand and having a guide provides so much clarity.

You can touch (some of) the art 

Touching paintings and artworks are a big no-no. However there are a few pieces that you can touch. Besides that, the museum has the “Touch the Artist’s Vision” program which allows visually impaired guests to touch art and “see” it. There are special facilities that make this happen. It’s an amazing program! You can know more about it here.


There is so much to see and do in Manila which is why I keep coming back to our capital. Check out The Met’s ongoing exhibits by visiting their official website.

Check out part of the museum hop here.

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila
BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Malate, Manila City

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