San Juan’s hidden fun spot: La La Fun Land

Friday, July 29, 2016

Tucked in one of the buildings along Wilson Street in San Juan, La La Fun Land is a homey spot that’s just waiting to be discovered. The restaurant first entered my stream of consciousness when I saw someone post their milkshake on Instagram. I am a fan of milkshakes but I also know how deadly it can be. Further stalking showed that they serve American comfort food.

So one afternoon, we made our way to Wilson and finally found it. The interiors are industrial and modern with punches of fun thanks to their accessories. I am always a fan of natural light and the restaurant had a lot of it. With a name like La La Fun Land I was expecting an explosion of color and fun but that’s okay. Color and fun came in the form of the food, plates, and placemats. Truth be told it was challenging for us to pick something from the menu because a lot of items tempted us. 

Campfire S’mores Drink (P165)
How does one pick just one flavor for a milkshake? The server said this was one of their best sellers so I tried it. Its sweetness is not at all overpowering. I would love for it to be a bit thicker though. If you’re a milkshake fan they also offer UNLIMITED milkshakes at the restaurant.

Buffalo Poppers (P195) 
Buffalo sauce and cheese wrapped in seasoned ground chicken served with bleu cheese and dressing on the side  
True to its name this dish tastes buffalo-y good. Each delicious bite of a popper was fantastic and juicy.

Grilled Chicken Salad (P220)
Mixed fresh green lettuce, tomato and sesame seeds with strips of Teriyaki glazed chicken
All the vegetables used were fresh and complemented the warm chicken perfectly. I am a romaine lettuce fan and think that the salad would be great with that kind of lettuce as well. 

Hawaiian Loco Moco (P245)
Two all-beef patties served with demiglace and topped with an egg and rice 

Bacon Quesedilla (195)
Crunchy smoked bacon and melted cheddar stuffed in a warm toasty tortilla wrap served with sour cream
We were biased – this had bacon and easily became our favorite from everything we ordered. Their quesadilla had the perfect crispiness and didn’t scrimp on the bacon,  it was distributed evenly.

Make a trip to La La Fun Land if it’s comfort food you want in a very relaxing atmosphere. I would definitely suggest this for people in the area who want a good place to catch up with family or friends.  If the restaurant was a person, it would be like your good friend from school – you may not see each other often but when you do it feels like home.

La La Fun Land
2nd Floor Wilson Square Bldg. 199 Wilson corner P.Guevarra Streets, San Juan City

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