La Vie Parisienne is one of my fave spots in Cebu City

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Combine a restaurant with amazing food, fantastic wine selection priced quite affordably, and a pretty ambiance and you’ve got La Vie Parisienne in the heart of Cebu City.

There was a slight disconnect with my expectations and reality. Truth be told when I saw the photos of La Vie Parisienne I thought it was perched on a secluded mountain or building. It was not; it is situated on a busy Cebu street and not at all elevated. 

It is beautifully designed without a doubt. It got challenging to photograph its charm because I was so near them, I don’t own a wide angle lens. The whole La Vie vibe makes you feel like you were transported somewhere else.
We went around 4:30 PM hoping to catch the sunset because we thought it was overlooking something. Instead of the view, we got easily swayed by the pastries.
How can you say no to these???
The wine cellar is the only air conditioned area and can only sit 4 people. We were lucky they could accommodate us so we waited for the “sunset” here with a bottle of wine.
The servers are well versed with the items they sold and could easily answer all our questions. We appreciate wine but honestly don’t know a lot about them.
The outdoor area emits a different vibe at night and we transferred outside for dinner and more wine.

We had several pastries, 2 bottles of wine and pizza all for under P1,000! Our white wine was just P290!! We expected the bill to be higher because of all the goodness we had but we were happily surprised by this. Everything we ordered was fantastic. Make sure to try their pizza when you visit.

Sure La Vie Parisienne has opened branches here in Manila but the vibe is different. They only have the wine cellar and a small portion of the bakery. The complete La Vie Parisienne experience with the outdoor setting, cellar, and bakery is what makes the place special for me.

I just seriously love the place. Paola and I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening here and it didn’t cost exorbitantly. Good food, wine, company and environment spell a perfect day.

* Additional photo from Paola Angela.

La Vie Parisienne Cebu
371 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu

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