Tiny Breakfast Bin delivers big flavors

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I have another breakfast place to share with you all! Isn’t breakfast food awesome? Just along Sikatuna’s famed Maginhawa Street you will find this little nook you’ll want to start your day with. Breakfast Bin is fairly easy to find but it can only accommodate 12-15 people at a time. Yes, it’s that cozy. The interiors are unpretentious and this wonder serves straightforward breakfast dishes at affordable prices.

Cappuccino (P80)
Kiwi Iced Tea (P65)
Beef Tapa Rice Bowl (P130)
Comes with a choice of white or brown rice, sunny side up or scrambled eggs and relish
Tapa will always be that Filipino breakfast food that I adore. Breakfast Bin’s version is not the best I’ve had but it definitely lands in the top 10. I liked how salty it was and the proportion of egg to tapa to rice was spot on.  

Traditionals (P150)
Choice of pancakes or waffles with egg, longganisa or bacon and breakfast potato
All this is only worth P150??? Yes you read that right.  This is a lot for P150 and to me, reeks of happiness. I mean c’mon, white chocolate chips on your waffles with bacon and maple syrup? It’s the perfect trifecta of sweet and salty.

You know how sometimes a café just feels delicious because of its price rather than its taste? Well Breakfast Bin’s glory comes from its creations. It is just a bonus that the prices are reasonable. There is a sense of comfort and familiarity inside the four corners of Breakfast Bin because of its food and ambiance. It makes it that more appealing to me despite the size.  I longingly look forward to coming back to you because it feels like catching up with a friend you’ve known for ages.

The Breakfast Bin
Unit C 168 Maginhawa cor. Mapagkumbaba Streets, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

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