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Monday, May 02, 2016

I think I missed Manila when I was in New Zealand for less than 3 weeks. I’ve done numerous new active things since coming back which has been fantastic. I’ve bounced on a trampoline, gone spinning, and now wall climbing!

Once upon a time, I leisurely wall climbed once a week with my squad. Those days are long gone together with the Power Up wall in Silver City – yes it’s been that long. I got insanely ecstatic when I found out there was a new player in town. Say hello to Climb Central Manila in Greenfield.

The new Mandaluyong center just opened its doors last April 22. Climb Central is still on soft opening and some of the facilities aren’t finished yet. Take advantage of the current soft opening promotion to see if wall climbing is for you.
Current promotion
Normal rates when fully operational
Facilities and gear are brand spanking new. Each route has a rating from 4 and up so that you know the difficulty of each wall. The routes are change from time to time making things more interesting. Expect Climb Central to be air-conditioned in the future and the most notable feature – the auto belay line. What does that mean? You can climb on alone and safely.

Why do I love wall climbing?
1. I seriously have fun. When it comes to exercising, if it’s hard I sometimes lose interest. Wall climbing is the first thing I enjoyed that challenged me.
2. I can enjoy it indoors. I have sensitive skin so being exposed long term to the sun is a challenge to me.
3. Numbers and progress motivate me. I like being able to challenge myself with what route I can take or how high I can make it.
4. It is a good way to exercise. I climb for the love of it and not for exercise. When I was climbing consistently once a week, work colleagues would comment that I seemed more toned. Wall climbing also works out your entire body.

Climb Central is more expensive than it’s Pinoy counterpart admittedly. I look forward to seeing it fully operational to see why the price disparity is so. In any case, I’m sincerely happy I get to wall climb again!

Climb Central Manila
The Portal at Greenfields District, Mandaluyong
(Near Trampoline Park)

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