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Friday, May 09, 2014

I like Solenn Heussaff. When I was still with GMA, I encountered her on several occasions. She is legitimately sexy in my book because of her many talents, intelligence, and confidence. I follow her on Instagram and was not surprised to find out she and Erwan were part of the group behind Hatch 22.

Solenn posted photos of Hatch 22’s offerings and I was intrigued. Their dishes looked fascinating and mouth-watering. I was excited to try everything! You see, Berenice was leaving for Australia for work the week after. She was warned that Australia isn’t big on food or flavor so she wanted to eat at a place that would fuel her taste buds. Hatch 22 was the perfect despedida lunch spot for us.

Fresh Bread is served daily.
I want to try all those coffee and tea selections!
I like the play of patterns and color inside Hatch 22.
Spanish Bread
Among all the bakery staples, the Spanish bread is my ultimate favorite. When I travel and pass by a local bakery, this is the one bread I buy.  Hatch 22’s version had a smooth exterior and a slightly crunchy interior. It was delicious but I still ache for my old school neighborhood bakery’s version.
Bread Basket
Hatch 22 is known for their breads. They have 2 or 3 kinds of bread baskets with various bread items inside. You may opt to buy the breads individually but it comes out cheaper if you get the basket.
Hatch Farm Omelet (P380)
Country ham, smoked bacon, spicy pork sausage, Tillamook cheddar and Monterey jack cheese omelet. Served with potato haystack and toast.
My omelet is a much simpler dish than Berenice’s Son of a Biscuit. Even though it’s simple, it was flavorful. Even the tomato side dish was juicy and savory. The potato haystack was tricky to eat but still enjoyable.
Son of a Biscuit (P470)
Baked cheddar biscuits, hominy grits, spicy pork sausage, fried chicken fillet, chipotle scramble and topped with country white sausage gravy.
When you look at the price, you think “That is steep!” However after enjoying the dish, you won’t feel that way. This dish has layer upon layer of flavor. Each bite has a kick of something to offer whether spicy, strong or salty but all together an unbelievable journey of taste. 

Hatch 22 has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It would make for a good venue for family gatherings or catching up with friends. It oozes a homey vibe. They also have cocktails so it’s worth a visit a night as well.

Their portions are for sharing for girl’s standards. Berenice and I only ate half of our dishes; we could have just ordered one dish and the bread basket. The items we tried were on the indulgent side so if you’re dieting, try to stay away. Truly there is more I want to devour at Hatch 22. They offer dishes that are not your run-of-the-mill picks.


Hatch 22 Café & Bakery
Ground Floor Powerplant, Rockwell, Makati

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