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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Since late last year, I've been trying to eat better. In my world that means adding vegetables to my diet. After the waist expanding holidays, I knew I needed to go back to my goal. Eating better would mean preparing my meals, which is not my forte. I was thinking of buying groceries and looking for healthier recipes. It felt like a daunting task then I came across Diet Diva.

There are several diet delivery services out there for different needs. Cohen, no carbs, specific caloric intake a day – these are some of the programs I saw online. For Diet Diva, they have a 1200 calories/day program for 5 days. Each day consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks for P1900 (plus delivery fee).

What sealed the deal for me was the price. For P127/meal, it was affordable. You'd usually spend an average of P120-150 if you buy in a fastfood joint anyway. The price is not bad and you enjoy healthy food. Getting Diet Diva would also give me an idea of recipes I could try in the future.

How do you book a slot with Diet Diva?
1. Every Friday, Diet Diva posts their menu for the following week.
2. Text 0917-703-DIVA (3482) to reserve a slot.
3. Deposit payment.

(click photo to enlarge)
This was the menu for the week I ordered. So how did my week of with Diet Diva go?

BREAKFAST: Detox Fruit Mix and Boiled Plantains (Banana)
We have established that I am not a major fruit lover. I begrudgingly ate the fruits but didn’t finish it during breakfast. I finished it throughout the day. I don’t like melon, melon milk yes. That being said, the melons tasted good and were sweet – they were great quality melons. If you’re a melon lover, you would finish this quickly. I’m just not a fan of them.

LUNCH: Spicy Fish Fillet Tofu & Red Mountain Rice
I have no experience with red rice so I had low expectations. It tasted surprisingly good but I enjoyed eating the morsels that had a bit of fish juice or sauce. I would definitely eat red rice again but it has to be paired with items that aren’t dry. I enjoyed this lunch because it wasn’t uber spicy – just right.

DINNER: Chicken Meat with Crabstick & Pasta Salad
I am not a mayo fan but thankfully the portions here were light and I enjoyed my cold pasta salad. This dinner dish gave me an idea of what I can make in the future. I liked having the bits of celery in the salad since celery is a vegetable I can take in small doses. I imagine making a few pasta or salad dishes and adding some celery for texture and crunch.
SNACK: Vegetable Crackers

BREAKFAST: Hardboiled Egg, Banana & Tea
I don’t love bananas. This was another meal I didn’t finish. The kiwi in the photo? That’s actually the fresh fruit snack.
LUNCH:  Lomo Guisado with Eggplant & Red Rice
I finished everything! On a scale of 1-10 of flavor, my lunch would come in at a 6. It’s much blander that how I would normally want my food but it had enough flavor to pass my scale. 

DINNER: Tuna Wheat Bread Sandwich with Carrots & Celery Sticks
Another meal that wasn’t heavy on mayo, great for me! I found the Tuna Spread a bit on the sweet side though. It was also thinly plopped on the sandwich as you can see in the second photo. Remember, I don’t like vegetables but the carrots in my dinner were crunchy and had a pinch of sweetness – I liked.
SNACK: Fresh Fruit

BREAKFAST: Spinach Sardines with Chunky Tomatoes & Wheat Bread Slices plus Hot Choco
My first reaction, CHOCOLATE!!!! I started my day on an insanely positive note because the diet allowed chocolate. Haha This was the first breakfast that was on the heavier side. Again the bread was a smidge sweet for my wheat bread standards. 

LUNCH: Sautéed Chicken Thigh Fillet with Young Corn in Oyster Sauce & Brown Rice
My whole lunch was delicious. I actually missed the vegetables and was disappointed it didn’t make an appearance. Haha
DINNER: Tofu Squares with Broccoli & Potatoes
Tofu isn’t something people normally love but I do! Looking at the dish, I was worried it would taste bland. It was lightly seasoned and would fair as a 6 on my flavor scale. I liked the texture of the tofu. I would like to try to get the consistency of the tofu and make this at home but with more zest.

SNACK: Boiled Plantains (Banana)

BREAKFAST: Anchovy Rice & Chicken Tocino Mix
Over-all, this was my favorite dish. I was happy to see another heavy breakfast. Previous dishes were lightly seasoned so I loved the anchovy rice for having a strong flavor for a change. Generally, I would pick tapa over tocino on any given day because a lot of tocinos I’ve tried tasted processed – fake. Diet Diva’s version tasted legit, like the real thing without overtly dripping with sweet sauce. If they sold their tocino, I would definitely buy it. The tocino plus the anchovy rice combination was excellent.
LUNCH: Steamed Fish Fillet in Soy & Ginger sauce plus Red Mountain Rice
I am also not a fan of ginger but since the dish didn’t have an overpowering ginger taste, I could handle it.

DINNER: Sweet Potatoes in Pork and Malunggay Mix
The presence of the potatoes overwhelmed me. It was way too much to handle. I was a tad disappointed; I really loved breakfast and today’s dinner felt sad.

SNACK: Fresh Fruit

BREAKFAST: Scrambled Egg with Fried Plantains and Tea
Even though the fried bananas didn’t have any sugar, it packed a tasty punch. I liked the fluffiness of the scrambled eggs. The breakfast was on the light side and after finishing it, I was still hungry.
LUNCH: Arroz Ala Valenciana
I didn’t know an Arroz ala Valenciana dish had innards, unfortunately I don’t like innards. I didn’t get to finish my lunch because of the innards.
DINNER: Cauliflower & Carrot Mix with Chicken Fillet
The chicken was so lightly seasoned I was disappointed that this was my last meal with Diet Diva.
SNACK: Fresh Fruit
Another booboo, their plastic containers have a tendency to break easily.
Each plastic container had a label and proper care (heat or chill?).

I understand that for 1200 calories per day, meals won’t be as flavorful as you would normally make them or want them. Another reason for trying Diet Diva was to force me to eat things I normally wouldn’t eat – it kinda worked. Yes, it’s all in my head!

I noticed that for me, I liked it better when the breakfast was on the heavy side and the dinner was on the light side.

Diet Diva guarantees 2-6 pounds weight loss after trying them for a week. I lost just 1 pound and I was even exercising. I was disappointed in that result but it’s minor. My goal was to broaden my recipes for healthy dishes.

Would I try Diet Diva again? Not in the near future simply because I want to try making my some of my meals for me. However, it’s a system that I would still recommend. For the limitations of 1200 calories per day, the dishes they served were rather good. Maybe when I’m busier and can’t prepare my meals again I’d sign up for another week.

If you want to take small steps in trying to eat healthy and have no clue how to go about it, why not try Diet Diva or one of these programs?

Diet Diva
0917-703-DIVA (3482)

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