May 2013 in Molome

Thursday, July 04, 2013

I think I got so caught up with the happenings in May, I wasn’t able to get take a lot of photos. Sorry, living in the moment! Haha

(1) Bulacan Chronicles: On our second visit to Bulacan for the campaign, we were welcomed by another awesome sunset.
(2) Bulacan Chronicles: Another thing I look forward to, chowder!
(3) Bulacan Chronicles: Being here means having scrumptious home cooked meals.
(4) Bulacan Chronicles: I cant stop shooting.

(5) Proof of voting!
(6) and (7) Before and after of my pink locks.
(8) I saw these wonderful light fixtures in Megamall. They would make for a wonderful addition to any of my future home or business shop projects!

May was short and sweet. Don’t forget to follow me on Molome.

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